For more information about the Student Ministry, please contact our Student Pastor, Mr. Ben Wofford.

My vision is (1) to see youth first come to Christ and (2) then grow
in their faith through the process of discipleship and (3) the ability to live life alongside mature spiritual adult leaders who value the lives of youth and who desire to help the students grow into mature adults upon graduation. Such a process requires leadership and intentionality to allow Christ to bring transparency and spiritual growth through a generation of students who are ready to be challenged in Christ, to live actively for Christ, and to serve Christ boldly. John 13:34-35; Luke 9:23; Genesis 1:27


Two Vital Axioms

  1. This ministry does not need to take away from the leadership of parents in a student’s life; however, it cannot ignore the fact that some students do not come from healthy homes and need solid adult influence outside of the home.​

  2. Parents and other adults need to be involved in this ministry at different levels or the ministry will not disciple and develop young adults. Proverbs 22:6


The four levels of BBC Discipleship

- The Purpose: to involve multiple adults in the lives of students and to provide students with intentional discipleship and safe adult contacts/resources.

  1. Parents- they are the most involved in the students life (but not always). They are the most influential.

  2. Adult discipleship leaders- leaders who are involved in growing 2-3 students into mature believers from the time they are in middle school till they graduate high school and hopefully beyond.

  3. Adult workers- Adults who show up and teach on occasion or just come to youth meetings and hang out with students on a weekly basis. They get to know students, but don’t necessarily have close connections like level two adults.

  4. Adult Outreach Leaders- Adults who contact students who have not been to church recently. Adults who periodically call 4-5 students on the youth role, just to check up and have a conversation. These are leaders who still provide a safe adult for a student to talk to.


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